ActiBread Baking Machine Review

ActiBread Baking Machine Review

Fresh ingredients and delicious recipes are both within your reach, and fully under your control with the all new, gluten-free bread maker, the ACTi Bread, manufactured by T-fall. From super healthy options for breakfast, to super magical after-dinner desserts, this super smart bread maker is the better alternative, instead of the costlier options available in stores.

With the cool ACTi bread gluten-free bread machine, what you have at your fingertips is 12 programmable options, including gluten-free sweet, salty, and cake, as well as super quick sweet, salt-free, and whole wheat.

Furthermore, it allows you options for sweet breads, pastas, jams, cakes, doughs, cooking and French. This device has the three different loaf size options to choose from, ranging from one-to=two lbs. Along with three settings for the crust (dark, medium or light), another thing which is fantastic about the ACTi bread is that it comes with the option for a delayed start of up-to-12 hours. It’s perfectly simple to wake up to the mouthwatering aroma of freshly-baked bread.

Once you’re done baking your bread, this latest ACTi bread unit switches automatically over to warming mode, which maintains the baked bread as warm and fresh. It’s extremely attractive, and is housed in stainless steel. This powerful, 700-watt bread maker features controls which are very user-friendly, along with a digital LCD screen. It also has a light for gauging, and a viewing window lid.

ActiBread Baking Machine Features

  • Gluten-free bread maker
  • Available loaf sizes: 3 (1, 1.5, 2 lbs.)
  • Programmable settings: 15. Supports French, pasta, jam, cake, dough, sweet, cooking, gluten-free cake, sweet, salty, salt-free, rapid whole wheat and super-fast sweet bread.
  • Crust settings: 3 (dark, light, medium)
  • Power: 700 Watts
  • LCD: Digital with light for indication
  • Options: Delay starts up-to-14 hours
  • Keep-warm mode: Automatic
  • Housed in: Stainless steel (brushed) with accents in black color
  • Display window on the top, with a top-loading lid
  • Inner pan (nonstick coated and handle to make cleaning easy)
  • Spoon, hook, kneading blade, spoon, and measuring cup
  • Recipe book having 25 recipes


  • Complements any kitchen décor due to its stainless steel finish
  • Stainless steel body with no chances of it getting rusty
  • Display window allows time tracking, while baking
  • Freedom to pick and choose your style of bread from 12 available options
  • No rush to eat while you’re getting ready. Take your time; the bread will remain warm and fresh for you to eat
  • Freedom to choose the crust to your liking
  • No worries to stick to just one standard loaf size. Actibread accommodates three
  • Doesn’t let your bread stick to the inner coating since it’s nonstick, making it super easy to use
  • Super convenient to use with several options to choose from
  • It is easy to carry and can be kept alongside while traveling which weighs slightly above 13 pounds
  • Powerful 700-watts with one year warranty


  • The main disadvantage of using this bread maker is that it is sometimes very difficult to make a bread loaf that’s perfect.
  • The paddle that mixes and kneads the dough is often found stuck at only the one side of the bread which causes a hole in it. As a result, it becomes a nightmare to try and make sandwiches
  • Limited to its preset programs only. If you mistakenly set at an incorrect time or you’ve set pm as am, you’re more likely to get bread which is not according to your requirements or you may not get any bread at all.
  • Actibread is not so easy to clean, especially if there has been involvement of jam or chocolate in it.
  • A 700-watt bread maker does cost you electricity. Run it for a while, and you’ll find it pitching in a few extra bucks in your electricity bills.
  • Actibread can’t be washed in a dishwasher which means, additional manual work.
  • Actibread’s life span is quite confined and short. It could last for nearly about 1100 loaves. Even though the actual tin of loaf typically lasts for nearly 500 loaves before it is time to replace it.
  • Twins are expensive to replace.



The Actibread bread making machine is a fine product to invest in. Despite its few cons, there are a lot of significant advantages that this bread maker has to offer. Its ease of use, the time-saving nature of its functions, the freshness of its bread, and its ease maneuverability are some of the highlights of the Actibread device.

The life span of the Actibread is primarily based on the frequency with which it’s being used, and how you take care of it. Many people, even after knowing the disadvantages associated with it, simply can’t keep themselves from loving their bread maker.

Enjoy the lovely aroma of bread in your home, with delicious baked bread.