Become A Master Baker With The Breadman Tr520 Break Maker

Become A Master Baker With The Breadman Tr520 Break Maker

It is never easy to know which bread maker to buy. There are so many different bread makers on the market, that it can become really confusing. Most people usually prefer a solid bread maker that will be able to last them for years to come. If you are looking to really master the art of making delicious homemade bread to pure perfection, then considering the Breadman TR520 bread maker could be beneficial for you. You will be able to fully control all the ingredients, ensuring compatibility with all your families dietary and eating requirements.

This bread maker has some impressive features and it also compares pretty well to other similar products. Fortunately for you, we have done all the work for you and have gone ahead to take an in-depth look at this unique and one of a kind product. Today we are going to be sharing your findings with you.


  • Contains 8 functions for dough’s and breads
  • Viewing window
  • Nonstick baking pan
  • 3 crust shade options
  • Has a timer of a 13 hour delay
  • Has a fruit and nut add in bell signal
  • Digital display
  • User friendly push button
  • Many programmable options to choose from
  • Removable lid


  • Very user friendly
  • Light and compact
  • Easy to use for all ages
  • Has different options
  • The timer allows you to wake up to freshly baked bread
  • Very easy to clean
  • Replacement baking parts are easily available
  • The instructions are easy to follow
  • Multiple settings available to make the crust heavier or lighter
  • Trusted brand


  • If you don’t stick to the measurements the bread won’t come out well
  • The pan is flimsy
  • You may need to get your own recipes
  • Some of the settings are not ideal for certain sized breads
  • The control labels are difficult to read


If you are looking for a bread maker which provides you with many options, then you won’t go wrong with this device. Not only is this a trusted brand but it also comes with fantastic extra features such as the fruit and nut bell signal. The device itself is compact in size and extremely durable. Its different settings provide you with many options, which is perfect for all bakers. Regardless of your baking experience, the Breadman TR520 bread maker is a great product for everyone. It can be used by beginners and experts, making it the perfect bread baker on the market.


We are fully aware that the Breadman TR520 bread maker is a really good bread maker. It does the job extremely well, however we wanted to see how it would compare to similar devices. We did our best to ensure that we took each individual product into account. We looked at two distinct devices, both which have their own unique features. The two products which we chose to compare it to, is the Sunbeam 5891 and the Oster 5838 58-Minute Express bake.

Firstly the Sunbeam 5891 is a great device which comes with 12 cooking functions. You are also able to choose the shades of your bread. In addition it also comes with a LED display. The 13 hour programmable delay baking time allows you to wake up to fresh and delicious bread. These units do not seem as solid and sturdy as they should be. Screws can easily come lose. The machine also mixes your yeast into the bread, the moment after you press the start button, then can be a big problem if you were planning on leaving the kitchen and do something else.

The Oster 5838 58-Minute Express bake is a really great bread maker. It has a 13 hour timer display just like the other devices. Even though it does have the express bake feature, it is lacking in many other areas. One area that it is certainly lacking in is that it makes a big noise which can disturb your household. It addition some of the settings are not adequate for all breads. It is easy to clean and makes bread fairly quickly.

Although all these bread makers will do the job of making you bread, they all are very different. After looking carefully at each device and the pros and cons associated with them, in addition to their unique features, we have chosen our winner. We have got to choose the Breadman TR520 has our winning product, due to its fantastic features and great balance of everything you could ever need in a quality bread maker.


In order to fully make the comparisons, we did our best to take all aspects into account. We spend considerable amounts of time and effort giving each bread maker a fair chance. In addition we took into consideration the things that people who buy bread makers would be looking for. After factoring in everything into our equations, we have come to the conclusion that our winning bread maker has got to be the Breadman TR520.

This bread maker has a fantastic variety of features and specifications which make it a winner. There are a couple of reasons why this particular bread maker stood out to us above the rest. Firstly it contains many options for both dough’s and breads. Replacement parts are easily available, which is a huge factor when choosing a product which you may want to use for many years to come. It also is great for all ages, which makes it a popular option for the whole family.

In terms of extra features the one feature which is worth mentioning is that it fruit and nut add in bell signal. This allows users to fully customize their own breads. Many bread makers do not have this feature and it makes a really big difference. It is also is solid, reliable and trustworthy which makes it a winning product.

You will not go wrong with choosing to buy the Breadman TR520 bread maker. It is the ideal bread maker for everyone on all baking levels. If you are beginner or professional this product will meet your expectations and maybe even exceed them. We were very impressed and we hope you will be too.