Bread Maker Buying Guide

Bread Maker Buying Guide

Bread Makers helps a lot of people bake their very own bread without any hassle. It really is an ideal appliance to help you make your perfect golden bread. People using convection ovens sometimes end up failing, especially the amateur bakers that often fail in giving the dough the right kneading and sometimes setting more time than required.

Because of the convenience that bread makers offer, the demand in the market grew and companies did not fail to supply the growing demand. As for now, bread makers are available in different brands and models, some with distinctive extra features.

If you want to buy a bread maker, you must know what you should look for. Before investing your money, it is best to make sure that you have picked the best bread maker worth the price. To make it clearer, we will unveil the bread maker buying guide that will help you pick the right bread maker.

The Pauper’s Bread Maker Buying Guide

When you’re in the appliance store, try not to get hooked by the sales person who chats you with all the features of a specific bread maker; it’s part of their job and all they’re going to say are the good qualities of the equipment. Try to evaluate the bread maker yourself. Here’s what you should check:

The Paddles

Every bread maker has baking kneading paddles (basically, a bread maker has two kneading paddles.) These paddles will stay in the baking pan while your bread is baking, this means your bread will always come up with a hole. If this annoys you, look for a bread maker that has collapsible kneading paddles. Though this will not solve the issue, but it can lessen the density of the hole.

The Size and Weight

Depending on your own discretion, look for a bread maker that has the size and weight that’s just right for you. If you have a small kitchen space, then I suggest you buy more a compact one. Otherwise, you can buy a large bread maker. Remember, the size of the bread maker will define the size of the bread it can produce. Small bread makers are limited to baking small loaves of bread, the same with large bread makers, they can only bake a certain size of a loaf.

Alarm and Viewing Panel

Busybody bakers may find having a viewing panel (small LCD display) on the bread maker necessary. The viewing panel will help you check the time. The alarm feature is also great to have. If you want to bake with added ingredients (e.g., fruits, nuts, or raisins), a bread maker with an alarm will notify you by making a “beep” sound to whether it is time to add the ingredients or if the bread is done baking.

Intuitive Controls

Look for a bread maker with easy controls. Some have options for the type of result you want to have – whether you want a brown loaf, white loaf, or a whole wheat loaf. There are bread makers will let you customize what size of loaf and color of the crust you want. You can also select a bread maker with options you can set up. Some will enable you to knead the dough without baking it or schedule when you want to bake it. There is also a feature wherein you instantly bake the dough without kneading it (people find this very ideal especially when they want to knead the dough manually.)

Less Noise is Always Better

Bread makers tend to knead the dough. And when the machine starts to knead, it also starts creating noise. This is highly understandable for a machine but people with sensitive hearing or parents who has a sleeping baby prefer bread makers that makes less noise. The noise is inevitable, but you can always choose those that make less noise.


In this era of difficult money making, everyone must be wise and practical when it comes to spending. We wouldn’t want to be left frustrated after spending extravagantly, right? When buying a bread maker, make sure to check all mentioned qualities and features while keeping your budget in mind.