Bread Maker VS Oven – Which Can Bake Better?

Bread Maker vs Oven

Oh! The smell of the soft golden brown bread, with fluffiness you can’t resist. The sweet warm bread that was once a yeasty dough is now in your mouth as you continue to bite each puff softly, savoring the taste as if it was baked in heaven.

Many people experience delight in eating bread. They enjoy it and it’s what makes them feel alive. While many people find happiness in eating bread, some choose to supply that happiness by baking it themselves.

If you love baking (as a profession or as a hobby), then I know you fully understand how clever you have to be to bake that one perfect bread. It requires highly intellectual artisan baking skills, premium ingredients, and something you can use to bake your dough. In this case, we are yet to reveal what that “something” is.

In the left corner, is the ever-technological bread maker. And in the right corner, is the ever-conventional ever-popular oven. Read further as we find out who’s going to be the winner of the ultimate battle featuring: bread maker vs oven.

Bread Maker Is the Best

Bread maker entered the market with some outstanding time-saving features. Bread Maker (also known as Bread Machine) is a home appliance that can help you make your bread without having sticky dough on your hands. This machine has a built-in computer (some have intuitive controls similar with microwave ovens).

In the middle of the bread maker is a bread pan with a paddle (depending on the model, some bread makers have one or two paddles at the bottom). All you need to do is to drop all the ingredients into the pan, let the machine create your dough, and allow the paddles to knead it.

After that, the machine will set the right temperature to let the dough rise. Once the dough has risen, the machine will start to bake the dough. Easy, right?

The bread maker really does make your bread without you cracking a sweat. This is really ideal for people with very limited time (e.g., parents and busy workers). Plus, this is also a great device for people who do not have professional skills in baking or at least for those who want to improve their skills.

A bread maker is also compact in size and does not require a huge space in your kitchen which is pretty ideal for the minimalist and for those who have little kitchen space.

Ovens are Also the Best

Don’t get me wrong, ovens will always be one of the best kitchen appliances. Ovens offer several benefits and truly advanced features. They can bake not just bread but also other recipes such as lasagna, the ever favorite baked mac and cheese, and cakes. They can also roast your chicken and heat your food. Yes, ovens are always conventional.

Just as the moon has a dark side, so do the bread maker and the oven. Though they have impressive features in baking, they also have cons that received a thousand thumbs-down from kitchen experts.

Bread Maker vs Oven: The Flaws

Both appliances can bake bread. But both of them also have flaws that should be improved.

Bread Maker Cons

  • Because of the paddles below the pan, the bread always comes with a hole at the bottom. If you are planning on selling your baking, forget about it. Your bread will have a hole in the bottom.
  • Bread size is limited by the size of the bread maker pan. When baking with the bread maker, you will have to follow the specific measurement of the ingredients that the device is capable of accommodating. Shame.
  • The bread maker is more limited in functions although there are several alternative uses for a bread maker – such as making jam, baking a cake, or making homemade tomato sauce. The bottom line will always get you to create only what it’s designed to.
  • You’ll get rounded loafs. If you want a square-type loaf, then I suggest you use an oven instead.

Oven Cons

  • Ovens are pretty expensive. Some people just can’t afford them.
  • Ovens consume high electricity usage.
  • Baking with ovens means creating your own dough which has a tendency to make a lot of mess (well, for this part, everyone wants to get messy sometimes).

My advice? Use them both. If you like to bake without any mess, use the bread maker to mix, knead, and bloom your dough, then bake it in your oven. Viola! A freshly baked bread for you, my friend!