Zojirushi BB-SSC10 Home Bakery Maestro Breadmaker Review

Zojirushi BB-SSC10 Home Bakery Maestro Breadmaker Review

The Zojirushi BB-SSC10 Home Bakery Maestro Breadmaker comes with a complex approach. The machine can deliver 1-pound loaves of bread and can also add ingredients such as nuts or seeds. If you are looking for versatility, the breadmaker comes with various preset programs.

These programs will work to deliver a wider variety of pieces of bread which will prove beneficial if you want to switch between white loaves of bread or multi-grain options.

You’ll thus be able to bake whole wheat loaves of bread as well as other healthy versions which include gluten-free bread or alternatives without any added sugar or salt. Since the main purpose of the breadmaker is to have fresh healthy bread every day in the comfort of your home, you’ll be able to have a custom experience with the machine.

Zojirushi BB-SSC10 Home Bakery Maestro Breadmakerwill allow you to bake at your own schedule and you’ll be thus able to have fresh bread when you wake up or when you come home from work.


  • Scheduled programs
  • Various presets and healthy options
  • Pizza and pasta dough


  • Included recipe book
  • Set rise and bake times
  • Auto add dispenser


  • Some recipes lack clear instructions


The breadmaker offers an interesting experience which will represent a top choice for the user who needs to approach a healthier lifestyle. The good news is that the BB-SSC10 offers an interesting approach to healthier bread and also healthier pasta or general dough for various other foods such as pizza.

Most users will get all the functions they need and this is why the breadmaker represent a great option for the modern user with reduced time for shopping and making bread.

This is where the advanced functions come into play. You will be able to set a preferred time for the bread making process. Thus, even if you choose a complex program with multiple ingredients, you can still set the machine to deliver fresh bread early in the morning.

Looking for the best option is always limited on what your personal needs are. Thus, if you are struggling to choose between the perfect breadmakers for yourself you will need to consider the top features you need in a dedicated machine.

This is why having the ability to program different types of breads and the ability to schedule the process can represent a higher priority than having the perfect materials with the machine.

Other advanced functions include the ability to prepare other types of dough. Interestingly, the machine will also provide a quality dough which can represent the solid base for a great pizza or even for home-made pasta. The good news is that regardless of the dough you are preparing, the machine will remain easy to clean with its nonstick coated baking pan.


When it comes to choosing the best option for home-made bread, you might feel stuck between the various options and various functions the manufacturers have to offer. But you will see that choosing the best machine for your needs will coincide with following some simple characteristics which represent a great choice and which include:

  • Support for various recipes
  • Scheduled bread delivery
  • Easy to clean
  • Support for other types of dough

Thus, when you follow these simple and essential characteristics, the choice will be easier to make. This is where you will find that choosing between the perfect breadmakers will become clearer. Comparing the Zojirushi BB-SSC10 Home Bakery Maestro Breadmaker to the Oster CKSTBR9050 will give you a better perspective on the complexity and the variety of results.

While Zojirushi’s design offers a complex approach, the Oster alternative represents a choice for multiple users and larger families. With a larger capacity, the Oster breadmaker will work to deliver an interesting approach when you need to cover larger capacities.

On the other hand, Zojirushi’s design will work for better quality results and the ability to deliver a wide variety of doughs. Although both machines offer good programs and the ability to schedule the bread making process, they each have their own strengths and weaknesses.

So which breadmaker should you choose? The answer to this question will largely depend on your needs. If you are focused on quality and also need to make a good pizza or quality pasta at home from time to time, then the Zojirushi bread maker can deliver fantastic results. If you need to cover the needs of an entire family and need a bigger loaf, then the Oster alternative can represent a recommended option.


TheZojirushi BB-SSC10 Home Bakery Maestro Breadmaker represents an interesting option when you try to come with a complex approach to making various bread and various other doughs. The good news is that you will be able to make different types of bread which include white bread and wholegrain alternatives.

The total number of options is endless but you will get a recipe book which will come with interesting recommendations which include the famous onion and cheese bread. There are up to 50 recipes to choose from. One of the drawbacks of the recipes is that not all of them come with clear instructions. But the main alternatives will be easy to make.

Maintenance is also quite easy with the BB-SSC10. This is where you will find that the breadmaker comes with a nonstick coated baking pan which will be easy to clean after the bread is made. In terms of advanced functionalities and a custom approach, you will be glad to know the machine offers an interesting crust control option.

This will allow you to control the thickness of the crust and make the loaf of bread to your liking and to serve various needs as for breakfast or dinner. The machine represents a solid option if you want the ultimate control and also the ability to prepare other delicious doughs. You’ll be able to make a great home-made pizza with minimum effort. You’ll also be able to make a quick pasta meal with the dedicated pasta dough program.

The Sanyo Gopan Bread Maker: Versatility At Its Best

The Sanyo Gopan Bread Maker Versatility At Its Best

The Sanyo GOPAN Bread Maker not only makes gluten-free bread, butit does so with grains of rice. You read that correctly. This bread machine has the ability to take grains of rice and turn them into fresh bread-without the gluten. Instead of having to use rice flour, the Sanyo GOPAN has a built-in milling system with the ability to make the rice flour for you-all you need to do is add the rice.

Developed in Japan to encourage rice consumption in a different way, this bread maker is now widely available. A premium rice bread maker, it is a great option for people with Celiac Disease, for those looking to cut gluten out of their diet or for someone who likes variety and wants to try a different kind of bread.

The genius behind the Sanyo GOPAN bread makeris the addition of a high-speed cutting blade (in addition to the standard dough hook) that takes whole grains of rice and mills them into a finegrain flour. The machine hasan extra compartment that is built right into the lid which holds the rest of the ingredients and adds them to the mixture once the correct consistency of the rice flour has been achieved.

In addition to making gluten-free bread, the Sanyo GOPAN can also make over 20 other kinds of traditional breads and doughs, so whether you’re gluten-sensitive or a gluten lover, you can satisfy all your bread cravings with this machine.


The Sanyo GOPAN Bread Maker is a high-tech kitchen appliance. Some of the features include:

  • Ability to make gluten-free bread
  • A built-in milling system to turn your rice into flour
  • Can make traditional breads and pizza crust with wheat and other grains
  • Equipped with a 13-hour delay timer for fresh bread whenever you like
  • Three different crust color options: light, medium and dark
  • A large viewing window so you can watch your bread form
  • Two colors to choose from: red or white


The biggest pro of the Sanyo GOPAN is the ability to make gluten-free bread. With so many people cutting out gluten nowadays, rice bread is a perfect option. Grains of rice are milled into rice flour right in the machine, so making gluten-free bread is a snap. Just add your rice and other ingredients and let the machine do its work.

Versatility is one of the highlights of this bread maker that most people will enjoy. In addition to making gluten-free varieties, this machine can also make more traditional-style breads and doughs, which may be important if not everyone in your family is gluten-free. There are a variety of other foods that can be made in this machine in addition to breads and doughs, including things like soups, stews and meatloaf.

A 13-hour delay timer is a great feature of the Sanyo GOPAN. The ability to prepare the ingredients ahead of time and set the timer for when you want a fresh loaf of bread is very appealing.


Since this machine is made in Japan, the instructions that come with the product are only printed in that language. This could be a potential problem for those consumers who don’t speak or read Japanese.

The Sanyo GOPAN is only made in 100v, which is not compatible with outlets in all countries. For use in the U.S. (220v), you will need to purchase a step down transformer in order to use it.

The length of time it can take to make a loaf of gluten-free bread is about four hours.


The first bread-maker of its kind to be able to make bread from grains of rice, the Sanyo GOPAN is a revolutionary idea. It has a built-in mechanism that will mill grains of rice into flour, and in turn, use that flour to make bread without wheat. In addition to the ability to make gluten-free bread, this unique machine can also be used for a variety of other foods, including traditional breadsand doughs, making it a quite useful kitchen appliance. Furnished with a timer that can delay the making of your bread for up to 13 hours, the Sanyo GOPAN is ideal for having a fresh loaf of bread on hand any time you want.

As with most bread makers, you have the ability to choose your crust color: light, medium or dark. There is also a large window so you can peek at your bread baking without having to open the lid and disturb the cooking process.  There are also two colors to choose from so you can color-coordinate with the rest of your kitchen.


A similar bread maker is the Zojirushi BB-PAC20 Home Bakery Virtuoso Breadmaker. Although this machine has a gluten-free setting, it cannot turn grains of rice into bread like the Sanyo GOPAN. The Zojirushi also has a quick baking cycle option that can prepare a loaf of bread in two hours, which is considerably quicker than the Sanyo GOPAN. One challenge the Sanyo GOPAN faces is that its control panel and instructions are in Japanese, unlike the Zojirushi, which has English controls.


If you’re just looking for something small and simple to make a traditional loaf or two once in a while, this might not be the bread maker for you. However, the old adage about getting what you pay for is definitely true in this case. Smaller, inexpensive models will not give you as many options and features as the Sanyo GOPAN.

This is a top-of-the-line kitchen appliance. With the ability to turn rice grains into gluten-free bread, it’s a must for those who wish to cut gluten out of their diet while still enjoying fresh-baked bread. With the ability to cook a variety of other foods in this machine-from doughnuts and bagels to soups and meatloaf, this is a great piece of equipment for the foodie or amateur chef.

The Gourmia Gbm3400 Electric Flatbread Maker Review

You Family With Love The Gourmia Gbm3400 Electric Flatbread Maker

The Gourmia GBM3400 Electric Flatbread maker is honestly a fantastic device that can help you in your kitchen. If you have ever wanted to make your very own flatbread, pitas and tortillas from the comfort of your own home, then now is the chance to make that happen. Although there are many flatbread makers on the market, not all of them have the same features. It is very important to take all the unique features, specifications, pros and cons into account.

It also goes without saying that you are going to want to invest in one product once. This means that you should try to get it right from the start, and then your flatbread maker will be able to last you for many years to come. Fortunately for you, we have conducted all the research for you. We will be sharing all our findings with you, in a very honest and transparent way. We will be revealing everything, the good, the bad and the ugly.


  • Fuse Protector
  • Unique recipe book included
  • Vented dome lid ensures crispy exterior
  • Nonstick base
  • Instructional manual included
  • ELT listing and safe
  • Easy dial
  • Temperature settings
  • Die cast surface
  • Adjustable double thermostat
  • Fuse protector


  • Durable
  • Makes breads within minutes
  • Easy to clean
  • Sleek looking
  • Small in size
  • Makes many other things besides flatbread
  • Endless choices such as crepes,pita,pancakes, omelets and much more
  • Easy to use
  • Safe
  • Great brand
  • Anyone can use this
  • Set it and relax
  • Ideal for all ages


  • No timer or auto functions
  • Heating can be uneven at times
  • You will need to play around with recipes
  • May be inconvenient transferring bread dough onto the plate


The Gourmia GBM3400 Electric Flatbread is a nifty device that will exceed your expectations. In terms of dietary requirements, health, freshness and much more, you will really win with making your own goodies. In fact you will be able to make treats for the entire family in a matter of minutes. This flat bread maker makes so much more than just flat bread. It has the capabilities to make pancakes,tortillas,pizza, omelets crepes,pita and much more. The device is sleek and attractive as opposed to being bulky. It is will not only look good in your kitchen but it will also fit in. Its size makes it a sure winner as it is quiet small and compact. It is very easy and simple to use, which means that there will not be a big learning curve in getting starting immediately. In a matter of no time you will be able to make all your family favorites, at a fraction of the cost. Purchasing your own ingredients and experimenting has never been more fun.


We know for sure that this device is a winner, but the big question that needs to be asked is how does it compare to other flat bread makers and similar products? We wanted to see if the Gourmia GBM3400 would still be impressive when comparing it to similar devices. Fortunately for you, we have done all the work and put in the time and effort to ensure a fair and accurate comparison.

The two products we have chosen to compare it to, is the Revel CTM610 Tortilla Flatbread Maker and the Aicok Crepe Maker 5. These products are similar in nature and we thought that this would make an interesting comparison.

Firstly the Revel CTM610 Tortilla Flatbread Maker is perfect for making tortillas, roti’s and much more. It has nonstick plates which make for easy cleaning. Although this product also makes similar eats, its functions are somewhat limited. You will need to spend considerable amounts of time, in order to learn how to make it work effectively. Although this claims to be a strong device, the two screws which holds the hinge guards down, risks popping out after sometime. Regardless of how well they are tightened they do stay well in the holes. Some of the parts are plastic which can get burn fairly easily.

Next we took a look at the Aicok Crepe Maker 5. This is an easy to use device which contains a 12 inch griddle.It comes with adjustable temperature settings in order to ensure optimal results. It also comes with its own unique recipes. If you are looking to make crepes,pancakes and other treats then this could be a good product for you. However it does not make all things well, if you want to make omelets you may struggle. In particular it makes crepes to satisfaction but not much else.

There products all compare fairly well to one other. They appear initially to all do similar things, however there features and functionality are very different. The best device by far has got to be the Gourmia GBM3400 Electric Flatbread maker. Not only does it have extra features but it is also is a more solid and secure device. It has the correct safety features in place and it is also ELT listed and safe, which makes it a clear winner.


Taking all the products into account, it was important to gain a full understanding of each ones unique features. In order to fully give each product a fair chance, we need to take each product and look at it individually. We also did our best to place ourselves in the shoes of the consumer. We thought about what a buyer would want and what would be the best for their entire family. We also looked at issues such as longevity of the device, as we assume that people would want to have the product in their homes for many years to come.

After taking all the factors into consideration, we declared that the winner has got to be the Gourmia Flatbread maker. It has more positives than it does negatives. It also has a great combination of winning features, which will make it ideal for the entire family. It is great for everyone not just for parents. If you want to teach your children how to make their own delicious eats, which are healthy and nutritious then the Gourmia flatbread maker is an excellent buy.

It has all the features you could ever wish for in a flatbread maker. Its safety elements make it a sure winner. Even though the other two products were great, they did not measure up to the same standards as the Gourmia GBM3400 Electric Flatbread maker.

This is the ideal device for every one of all ages and it can be used for the entire family, for many years to come. You could spend countless hours and time in the kitchen coming up with new recipes and new foods to taste and try. It far exceeded our expectations in everywhere and we are sure it will certainly so the same for you and your family.

The Cuisinart Convection Bread Maker Review

Everyone Kneads The Cuisinart Convection Bread Maker

The Cuisinart convection bread maker is honestly one of the best bread makers on the market. If you are looking to make your own homemade bread at a fraction of the price of regular store bought bread, then look no further. When it comes bread makers, they all have their own unique features, specifications, pros and cons. We have taken the time to take a look at the Cuisinart convection bread maker for you. We have done in depth research to fully explore and examine every single feature on your behalf.

We will be sharing with you our findings. It is fully understandable that when you are looking for a quality bread maker, you will want to buy something that will last you for many years to come. You also will more than likely want to buy something that is easy to use, yet effective at the same time. In terms of making your own bread, it is extremely useful to understand that everyone has unique dietary requirements.

It is not uncommon in a household for one person to be on a low carb diet while another person is allergic to gluten. All these aspects should be taken fully into account before making your final decision. Without further delay let’s take a deeper look into this remarkable bread maker.


  • 14 preprogrammed menu options
  • 2 crust color options
  • 3 loaf size options
  • Over 100 choices
  • LCD display
  • Nonstick, and removable kneading paddle
  • Contains a recipe booklet
  • Options include gluten free, Artisan dough settings and low carb
  • Audible tone indicates when you need to add mixes in
  • 12 hour delay starter time
  • 680 watts
  • Glass viewing window
  • Power failure backup


  • Artisan dough feature makes for better crusts and texture
  • Ideal for all dietary requirements
  • Makes a noise in time for you to add in extras such as raisons or nuts
  • Recipes for gluten,carb free,breads,jams and more included
  • Power failure backup for safety
  • Has an alarm before the final rise which helps to paddle and reshape the loaf
  • Reliable and strong
  • Easy to operate
  • Very easy to clean
  • It is great for pizza,buns,cakes,baguettes, focaccia, doughnuts and more


  • It may be a learning curve to learn how to operate
  • You will need to play around to get your bread the way that you want it
  • It makes a noise on the banking cycle
  • The recipe book may not be adequate


The Cuisinart convection bread maker is one of the best bread makers that you can buy. If you are looking for a bread maker which makes much more than just bread then this device is a sure winner for any kitchen. Even though there may be a learning curve needed when you first get your machine, once you practice and play around a bit you will be able to master it correctly.

In terms of the recipe book it provides, it may be a good idea for you to find your own additional recipes as you should not only rely on the recipe book. There are many menu options for you to choose from, which means that it is almost guaranteed that there will be something for everyone. Regardless of your unique dietary requirements and the dietary requirements of other members in your household, this bread maker is guaranteed to be a winner.


The big question that needs to be asked is how does the Cuisinart convection bread maker compare to other bread makers on the market? We have done all the leg work for you and have taken the time and effort to compare it to two similar products. The two products we have chosen to compare it to, is the Oster 5838 58-Minute Express bake and the Sunbeam 5891 breadmaker.

Firstly the Oster 5838 58-Minute Express bake also has different settings. It has 8 unique settings for you to choose from. It contains an impressive touch housing which is great for safety aspects. You can make use of the 13 hour timer display in order to have your breads prepared in time. However it does not allow you to add fruits and nuts. It doesn’t contain many extra features and some of the settings are not ideal. If you open it the entire way the lid will come off. It is easy to use and also comes with a kneading paddle.

The Sunbeam 5891 comes with 12 cooking function offers. It is an easy to use and effective device. This is a very user friendly device for beginners who can easily learn how to make their own bread from start to finish. It also offers a large LCD display and has contains a 13 hour programmable delay bake for perfect timing options. Although this is a great product it is best suited for a starter bread maker or for people who have never owned a bread maker before. It lacks some of the more advanced and sophisticated features.

These products all compare fairly well to one another. Although they may initially appear to all do the same thing, they actually are quite different. The best bread maker has got to be the Cuisinart convection bread maker. It has more positives than negatives and it has a great balance of everything you could ever need in a bread maker. They are all good bread makers; however the Cuisinart seems to have some extra features, which makes it a clear winner.


When we made the comparisons of all the bread makers we looked at all the features, specifications,pros,cons and more. We did our utmost best to look at each bread maker on an individual basis. We also made sure to keep in mind that people, who buy bread makers, want something long lasting, strong and versatile. We factored all of these attributes into the equation and we came up with our winning bread maker.

The winning bread maker without a shadow of a doubt has got to be the Cuisinart convection bread maker. Its unique features are just one of the many reasons why it has been chosen as the winner. It contains a glass viewing window which is perfect for all those impatient bakers out there, which is most of them. Its impressive power failure backup is a great feature and safety device. It includes gluten free and low carb options in particular, which makes it a winner.

It also has many Artisan dough settings, which is extremely convenient. Some of these features the other bread makers did not have. It also makes a noise which indicates when you need to add in mixes, this is a very useful extra. Many people like to add in nuts, raisins or other ingredients and this feature makes it convenient and possible. It also makes so many delicious things besides bread, making it the perfect bread maker for every household no matter what your requirements, ideals or tastes may be.

Become A Master Baker With The Breadman Tr520 Break Maker

Become A Master Baker With The Breadman Tr520 Break Maker

It is never easy to know which bread maker to buy. There are so many different bread makers on the market, that it can become really confusing. Most people usually prefer a solid bread maker that will be able to last them for years to come. If you are looking to really master the art of making delicious homemade bread to pure perfection, then considering the Breadman TR520 bread maker could be beneficial for you. You will be able to fully control all the ingredients, ensuring compatibility with all your families dietary and eating requirements.

This bread maker has some impressive features and it also compares pretty well to other similar products. Fortunately for you, we have done all the work for you and have gone ahead to take an in-depth look at this unique and one of a kind product. Today we are going to be sharing your findings with you.


  • Contains 8 functions for dough’s and breads
  • Viewing window
  • Nonstick baking pan
  • 3 crust shade options
  • Has a timer of a 13 hour delay
  • Has a fruit and nut add in bell signal
  • Digital display
  • User friendly push button
  • Many programmable options to choose from
  • Removable lid


  • Very user friendly
  • Light and compact
  • Easy to use for all ages
  • Has different options
  • The timer allows you to wake up to freshly baked bread
  • Very easy to clean
  • Replacement baking parts are easily available
  • The instructions are easy to follow
  • Multiple settings available to make the crust heavier or lighter
  • Trusted brand


  • If you don’t stick to the measurements the bread won’t come out well
  • The pan is flimsy
  • You may need to get your own recipes
  • Some of the settings are not ideal for certain sized breads
  • The control labels are difficult to read


If you are looking for a bread maker which provides you with many options, then you won’t go wrong with this device. Not only is this a trusted brand but it also comes with fantastic extra features such as the fruit and nut bell signal. The device itself is compact in size and extremely durable. Its different settings provide you with many options, which is perfect for all bakers. Regardless of your baking experience, the Breadman TR520 bread maker is a great product for everyone. It can be used by beginners and experts, making it the perfect bread baker on the market.


We are fully aware that the Breadman TR520 bread maker is a really good bread maker. It does the job extremely well, however we wanted to see how it would compare to similar devices. We did our best to ensure that we took each individual product into account. We looked at two distinct devices, both which have their own unique features. The two products which we chose to compare it to, is the Sunbeam 5891 and the Oster 5838 58-Minute Express bake.

Firstly the Sunbeam 5891 is a great device which comes with 12 cooking functions. You are also able to choose the shades of your bread. In addition it also comes with a LED display. The 13 hour programmable delay baking time allows you to wake up to fresh and delicious bread. These units do not seem as solid and sturdy as they should be. Screws can easily come lose. The machine also mixes your yeast into the bread, the moment after you press the start button, then can be a big problem if you were planning on leaving the kitchen and do something else.

The Oster 5838 58-Minute Express bake is a really great bread maker. It has a 13 hour timer display just like the other devices. Even though it does have the express bake feature, it is lacking in many other areas. One area that it is certainly lacking in is that it makes a big noise which can disturb your household. It addition some of the settings are not adequate for all breads. It is easy to clean and makes bread fairly quickly.

Although all these bread makers will do the job of making you bread, they all are very different. After looking carefully at each device and the pros and cons associated with them, in addition to their unique features, we have chosen our winner. We have got to choose the Breadman TR520 has our winning product, due to its fantastic features and great balance of everything you could ever need in a quality bread maker.


In order to fully make the comparisons, we did our best to take all aspects into account. We spend considerable amounts of time and effort giving each bread maker a fair chance. In addition we took into consideration the things that people who buy bread makers would be looking for. After factoring in everything into our equations, we have come to the conclusion that our winning bread maker has got to be the Breadman TR520.

This bread maker has a fantastic variety of features and specifications which make it a winner. There are a couple of reasons why this particular bread maker stood out to us above the rest. Firstly it contains many options for both dough’s and breads. Replacement parts are easily available, which is a huge factor when choosing a product which you may want to use for many years to come. It also is great for all ages, which makes it a popular option for the whole family.

In terms of extra features the one feature which is worth mentioning is that it fruit and nut add in bell signal. This allows users to fully customize their own breads. Many bread makers do not have this feature and it makes a really big difference. It is also is solid, reliable and trustworthy which makes it a winning product.

You will not go wrong with choosing to buy the Breadman TR520 bread maker. It is the ideal bread maker for everyone on all baking levels. If you are beginner or professional this product will meet your expectations and maybe even exceed them. We were very impressed and we hope you will be too.

Black & Decker B6000C Deluxe 3-Pound Bread Maker Review

Black and Decker B6000C Deluxe 3-Pound Bread Maker White

What is the biggest size you have ever prepared for a loaf of bread? Most people would mention anything between half a pound to two pounds. In fact, 1.5 pounds is a common size. There are a lot of bread makers that are designed with the capacity of around 2 pounds.

Now, with this bread maker, you get more than just two pounds, you are actually able to prepare 3 pounds of bread. This actually makes it a unique bread maker, one that you would definitely want to have a go at.

Most of the loaves of bread that you buy in stores all over the place are anywhere between 1 pound and 2 pounds, so the Black & Decker B6000C Deluxe 3-Pound Bread Maker is actually a very good bread maker to have in your house, especially if you like to host a lot of people from time to time.

Why buy the Black & Decker?

Baking can be a really refreshing experience. For a lot of people, they take pride and pleasure in bringing forth something as beautiful and as awesome as bread. The process of combining flour and all your ingredients in the right proportion and eventually bringing forth some quality bread is so satisfying. However, it can be quite messy, and this is one thing that puts most people off baking.

In case you are just learning to make your own bread, your kitchen will always be a mess during and after you are through. You will also spend a lot of time making your bread. However, with a good bread maker, this is something you no longer have to worry about.

All the ingredients are mixed in a compartment that is fully contained, so you do not have any mess to deal with, other than perhaps a few spillages here and there when you are preparing the ingredients.

To make your work even easier, a lot of the modern bakers you find in the market today have kneading paddles, and they are dishwasher safe. Cleaning up after baking has never been this easy.


  • Horizontal configuration

This means that you will get your bread in the same configuration that you get the normal loaves of bread you buy from stores. A lot of people actually prefer this shape to the vertical shape you find with some of the bread bakers.

  • Double kneading paddles

The kneading paddles are actually fixed and rigid, which is a good option compared to the flexible ones that are found in most of the bread makers. This allows you to position them in whichever position you fancy when preparing your bread.

  • Settings are pre-programmed

The bread maker comes with 11 different settings which will come in handy for you when preparing a variety of bread options. You even have a pre-programmed gluten free setting.


  • Has a very good extra-large viewing window
  • All the basic settings are pre-programmed
  • Can keep bread warm for up to 2 hours
  • Includes an instruction manual
  • Comes with a recipe book
  • Removable baking pan


  • The user experience might not be as refined as most of the top rated bread makers
  • Some users have complained about the lid not closing well
  • The control panel is not backlit
  • It is not easy to see the display, even when in good lighting – you might have to use a flashlight or smartphone


In case you are looking for a bread maker that offers you good value for your money, Black & Decker B6000C Deluxe 3-Pound Bread Maker will never disappoint. Besides, this is a household name, a brand that has graced the industry for so many years.

You can always trust this machine to serve you well all the time. Because of the dual kneading blades, you will certainly appreciate the ability to prepare a 3-pound loaf of bread. This allows it to handle heavy dough weight.


Hamilton Beach Programmable Bread Machine, 2 Pound Bread Maker with Gluten-Free Setting

One thing that you will notice about this bread maker is that it is very easy to assume it’s ability. It might seem small, but rest assured that it delivers over and above what you could imagine. For its size, it is also relatively affordable compared to the Black & Decker. In fact, for the price of one Black & Decker, you can actually get two of the Hamilton bread makers.

With this bread maker, you are able to prepare your own bread at home without using any trans-fat or preservatives. Therefore, if you are hoping to prepare gluten-free bread, this bread maker will actually come in handy.

It has 12 settings, and you are also able to prepare your bread so fast with the express setting. For this, you can have your 1.5 pounds or even 2-pound loaf of bread ready. Other than bread, you can also use this bread maker to prepare cake, jam, dough or whole grain.

You can prepare your bread with your choice of three crust settings; dark, medium or light, so you always have the variety of choosing whatever crust you feel like.

Why else would you buy this bread maker? Well, it has a non-stick pan that is very easy to clean after you have used it. In fact, you can even run it in the dishwasher without any problems.


There are a lot of features that make this bread maker stand out, especially in a market that is ever changing. Bread makers are released every other time with new and improved features, and you would be happy to have one that meets your needs. For this one in particular, the price is awesome; the features that are available in it for the price are also amazing.

For most home bread bakers, this is an ideal appliance to have in your kitchen. It is not demanding but is unique. The ability to prepare 3 pounds of bread might present you with incredible challenges, especially when you consider that it is not easy to come across bread recipes for 3 pounds. However, it will be an interesting challenge for you, one that you will derive a lot of fun from.

Panasonic SD-YR2500 Bread Maker with Gluten-Free Mode and Yeast / Raisin / Nut Dispenser Review

If freshly baked bread whets your appetite, you will definitely find this baker being a must-have. Most people today are more inclined towards food that has been freshly prepared. These foods are healthier, and you get the satisfaction of quality nourishment.

The challenge that a lot of people have is that we barely have the time to wait. From busy work schedules to demanding chores, it is nearly impossible to do things like baking your own bread at home.

However, with a good bread baker like the Panasonic SD-YR2500 Bread Maker with Gluten-Free Mode Bread Maker, this dilemma is a thing of the past. It is a very small appliance that will assist you in a major way.

You can imagine being able to mix all the ingredients you need, knead your dough and eventually bake your bread, and all this in one pan. It is such conveniences that most people appreciate, amidst their busy schedules.

Why do you need a bread baker?

You might have already come across a number of bread baker ads on the internet and you could be wondering why you need one, or how it would benefit you in the long run. One thing you will appreciate about owning a bread baker is that you are in complete control of the ingredients you want in your bread.

This is a good thing for people who have unique dietary needs. At times you struggle to buy or even eat bread you get from stores because you are not so certain about the ingredients. For someone whose emphasis is a gluten-free diet, for example, you can choose whatever ingredients that you want.

You can also toss in some experimental options like dried fruits, seeds, and nuts, all which make your bread even more satisfying and nourishing in the long run. In short, if you own a bread maker, you are in complete control of everything that concerns your freshly baked bread. Together with the allure and irresistibility of freshly baked bread, this bread maker will be one of the best purchases you ever made.


  • Preset baking modes

This bread maker comes with 8 different baking modes available. These are programmed settings that make it easier for you to prepare different types of bread. With these settings, you are able to make anything from croissants, rolls, gluten free bread, gluten free pizza, gluten free pasta, raisin bread, French bread and basic bread.

  • Delay timer

Perhaps you are not yet ready to bake the bread right away, but you already have the dough ready. Well, instead of leaving it out where it will dry out, this baker has a 13-hour delay system. This timer is ideal for those moments when you are fully prepared, but want to bake at a later time.

  • LCD

The LCD screen makes it easier for you to keep track of progress.

  • Touch pad

It comes with a smart touchpad that has easy controls, so anyone with basic understanding of how it works can operate this baker.

  • Crust settings

There are three unique crust settings available with this baker. You can choose from a dark crust, medium or light crust, whichever meets your needs.

  • Smart sensors

The good thing with having smart sensors is that they help you make the baking process fairly easier and efficient. The sensors simply monitor the external and internal temperatures of your bread maker, and from this, your baking process is adjusted accordingly.


  • Non-stick inner pan
  • Bake at the push of a button
  • Gluten free options
  • Choose your own bread size and crust settings


  • Oblong loaves of bread – This is because the bread maker is generally taller than most
  • Only makes extra-large and medium sized loaves
  • Not ideal for a single person or a couple


Ideally, this is quite an impressive bread maker. You get cutting edge performance based on advanced technology and a classic design. When you are using the Panasonic SD-YR2500 Bread Maker with Gluten-Free Mode Bread Maker, the baking process has been made easier, streamlined to perfection, hence you can appreciate the smooth consistency of your bread.

You will actually enjoy the consistent texture and color, which comes so close or even similar to what you usually get in your favorite bakery. This is definitely a must have in your kitchen if you want to enjoy baking your own bread. Besides, it is a bread baker that is rated highly among professional bakers and baking enthusiasts who love to bake at home.


Panasonic SD-YD250

Panasonic has always outdone themselves when it comes to bread makers. One thing that features prominently in both of these bread makers is the 13-hour delay start timer, which is ideal for you when you want to schedule your baking for a later time.

Perhaps one area where the SD-YD250 beats the SD-YR2500 is that the former allows you to bake bread in three different sizes. You can actually prepare up to 2 ½ pounds of bread with it, which makes it ideal for any modern family.

These bread makers are all impressive, but given the size of bread that you can prepare with them, a single person or a couple would find the size of bread too much, unless perhaps you are hosting some guests over.

One thing that they all share in common, however, is the fact that you will fall in love with baking your own bread, and it could turn into a hobby that might even end up being a business opportunity for you in the long run, especially if you have always been fascinated with anything that involves dough.


The fact that this bread maker comes with a recipe book actually makes it a really good alternative for most people who are new to baking. Each of these recipes come with detailed instructions to make your work easier. Whether you are new to baking bread or even if you have been baking for a while, this is one bread maker that you will certainly enjoy having in your kitchen.

Panasonic: NEW Home Bakery (One Loaf of Bread-Type) SD-BMS106-NW Champagne White (Japan Import) Review

Panasonic NEW Home Bakery (One Loaf of Bread-Type)

When you decide to buy this bread maker, you are getting yourself an incredible appliance for sure. Not only is it attractive, but the Panasonic NEW Home Bakery (One Loaf of Bread-Type) bread maker machine is purely functional and will come in handy whenever you need to prepare bread in the house.

It is ideal when you want to make bread for your own consumption, or even if you are having guests coming over and you want to wow them with your baking skills.

For most home bakers, the ideal bread baker should be something that they can use conveniently without having to worry about a thing. This is a sure bet when you buy this bread maker.

However, you will need to look for a manual in a different language, because it primarily comes with the Japanese manual. That notwithstanding, it is one of the best bread makers you will find on the market at the moment.

Why would this bread maker be ideal for me?

If you have a unique diet, especially for people who are on gluten-free diets, you will know for sure that getting bread or any other food for that matter, that suits your needs is not a cheap affair. You usually have to fork out a lot of money to get what you want.

With a bread maker, you will be saving a lot in the process. Assuming that you buy bread frequently, owning a bread maker and preparing your own gluten free bread at home is a financially viable option. The reason for this is because you will be buying most of the ingredients you need in bulk, which makes it cheaper in the long run.

It will, therefore, only take you a few months and you will have paid back the initial cost of buying the bread maker. Why is it a feasible purchase?

You will not only be making bread with it. There are a lot of other stuff that you can make with it, most of which are considered specialty foods and are usually sold expensively in bakeries. You can now prepare your own pizza, jam or rolls at home, for free.


  • Delay timer

The delay timer is a good setting for this and any other bread maker. It allows you to plan ahead. You can prepare the dough then program your bread maker to run at a specific time.

  • Different loaf sizes

It is inhibited in terms of the size, so your bread will almost certainly come out at around a pound in weight or thereabouts. The size might, however, be different depending on the type of bread that you are making.

  • Automatic yeast dispenser

The yeast will be automatically added into the baker gradually, which allows your bread to rise and get you the perfect bread quality.

  • Automatic raisin dispenser

You no longer have to wait to add in your auxiliary ingredients when baking. Just add them to the bread maker and set the timer, then leave the rest to the machine. Perhaps the only thing you might still wait to put into the bread maker midway through the baking process is chocolate and/or cheese.


  • Very easy to clean – This is because of the non-stick pan that makes cleaning easier
  • Bakes very good quality bread
  • 32 recipes to choose from, so you can go crazy with the creative freedom
  • Light and portable
  • Durable bread maker


  • No viewing window
  • Everything about it is in Japanese
  • Depending on the power ratings in your home, you may need an inverter, though for most people it is not necessary
  • Does not offer gluten free baking settings


This is a bread maker that would be good for anyone who likes to experiment from time to time. You are guaranteed you will have an awesome time whenever you are using the Panasonic NEW Home Bakery (One Loaf of Bread-Type) bread maker machine. For someone who wants affordability, reliability, and portability, this bread maker is just fine.

It is very easy to use, thanks to the fact that most of the features are automated. The baking process has been simplified so much that you will barely lift a finger, and still get some good quality bread.


Panasonic: Home Bakery (1 Loaf Type)「Brown」 SD-BMT1000-T (Japan Import)

Perhaps one of the first things that you notice about this bread maker is that it is beautiful. The brown color makes it stand out from the rest, which is predominantly white in color. It is attractive and performs just as good as it looks.

One again, it features the same challenge that the former has, the language used in the manual. Its manual comes in Japanese. Therefore, you might struggle in case you know no Japanese. However, if you can find a manual in a language you are comfortable with, you will be good to go.

Almost all bread makers come with a recipe inside, so this one is no exception either. This makes your work easier whether you are a beginner with no knowledge of baking bread, or if you have been doing this for a while and you want to try out new recipes. All the recipes are very easy to prepare.

It is relatively quiet when in use, other than when the dispensing tray is in use. When this happens, you might notice sharp clicking sounds for around 4 seconds. Other than that, it is a quiet performer, silent and efficient in delivering freshly baked bread


One of the reasons why a lot of people find this bread maker being so useful is because those who have used it so far do not necessarily need to use an inverter. You just plug it into your power supply and it works.

It is an 110V bread maker, so there is no need for additional preparations. Judging by the quality of bread that you will be making from this appliance, you actually are getting good value for your money.

The recipe guide that comes with the bread maker is also very easy to follow, which will make work easier for you even if you are a beginner at baking.

Breadman BK1050S 2 lb Professional Bread Maker Review

Breadman BK1050S 2 lb Professional Bread Maker

In case you are hoping to get bakery-quality when you prepare your bread at home, this is one baker that you would want to have in your kitchen. Considering that Breadman was one of the first companies to publicly venture into the bread maker business, you are purchasing a product that comes from a long line of successful bread makers.

In terms of the performance, you are getting a reliable and compact bread maker that will work well in your kitchen for a very long time. One of the features that make the Breadman BK1050S 2 lb Professional Bread Maker stand out is the screen that is so easy to read. This will help you keep track of the baking process and eventually get impressive results with your bread.

Why choose Breadman?

In case you have been in the baking industry for so long, you might already know Breadman is a mainstay, and one of the top brands you can have in your kitchen. When buying appliances, quality is usually an important point of consideration.

All buyers look for something that they can have in their kitchen for so many years without thinking of getting a replacement. This is where Breadman comes in handy.

The nut and fruit automatic dispenser are one of the key features that make it an incredible purchase. Actually, there are a lot of features in this bread maker that will be useful. However, that does not mean we ignore the glaring challenges it has. The mixing paddle has actually been a huge problem for most users.

This is because it scrapes the non-stick coating and leaves it stuck on your bread. This has actually been a major detraction from what the brand is known to be good at, so if you are buying this bread maker, you must take this into consideration.


  • Bread making programs

When you purchase this bread maker, you will find the 8 bread making programs coming in handy. With these settings, you can reduce the amount of time you usually take to bake a loaf of bread by up to 1 hour, especially if you use rapid bake.

  • Crust finish options

There are three different crust finishing options available. You can choose from dark, medium or light.

  • Low carb setting

In order to help in compensating for low carbs, this setting adjusts accordingly so that the kneading, baking, and rising go hand in hand with your low carb desire.

  • Gluten free

In case you want to prepare bread that has no gluten, this setting will be quite useful for you.

  • Perfect jam setting

With this setting, you can easily prepare your chutneys, marmalades or jam

  • Automatic nut and fruit dispenser

You no longer need to manually add nuts of fruits into your bread. Once you set this right, the baker will automatically do that for you, and at the right time.


  • It is easy to clean
  • Very easy to use
  • Produces fine quality bread
  • It features a stylish design
  • It is a relatively affordable bread maker
  • You get a limited 2-year warranty
  • Automatically keeps your bread warm for 1 hour after baking is complete
  • 15-hour delay timer helps you prepare for baking hours ahead of time


  • The paddle has a loose hinge, scraping the Teflon coating off the pan
  • You will need a plug converter in case you are buying from the UK
  • The low-carb setting might be misleading. You simply need to choose your ingredients wisely, because the appliance cannot miraculously turn your carb-loaded ingredients into a low carb output
  • Replacement parts usually run out of stock from time to time


This is a bread maker that will be useful in making different types of bread. In fact, you get to produce some fine quality bread too. Other than the collapsing paddle whose quality has been a major concern for most users, it is actually a good bread maker.

This product is appropriate for producing fine quality bread for its users. Along with an ergonomic design, this product provides an automated feature that helps you to enjoy having warm bread for a longer time.

For this bread maker, you can prepare bread in different sizes, from one pound to two pounds in weight. However, given the size and shape of the bread maker, you can only make horizontal bread.


Breadman TR2500BC

This is an improvement of the BK1050S. One thing you notice about it is that it is pricier, by almost three times. However, for that price, you are getting something amazing in terms of the performance.

You are getting a bread maker with a 24-hour delay bake timer. This allows you more than enough time to prepare your bread, especially if you are having a busy schedule later in the day, and you need the bread ready and fresh in good time.

It also has an automatic nut, herb and fruit add in the dispenser. Therefore, you do not have to manually add toppings to your bread. Just set the timer and leave the bread maker to do the rest.

It also has a number of features that will come in handy for anyone who is interested in a unique diet for their bread, like gluten free, low carb bread and so forth. Even if you want to prepare pizza, jam, pasta dough or bagels, you can use this bread maker.


Considering the value at which you will be getting this bread baker, the Breadman BK1050S 2 lb Professional Bread Maker is a reliable appliance to have in the kitchen. The abundance of features built into it is actually one of the key advantages that you will come to appreciate. Even the accessories that come with it are good enough, making your work easier.

For someone who has never baked before, the recipe booklet that comes with the baker will come in handy as you try to learn the basics of baking.

This is particularly when you consider the fact that there are more than 50 bread recipes and more than 10 each for jam and dough. You also get a free measuring spoon and a measuring cup. If you are looking for a bread maker that is versatile and will serve you for a long time, this is it.

Hamilton Beach Programmable Bread Machine Review

Hamilton Beach Programmable Bread Machine Review

What is better than a crusty, hot loaf of homemade bread? As nice as it is to imagine a domestic scene where we can dedicate many hours a day to the preparation of fine breads, most of us just don’t have that option. But that doesn’t mean, however, that we don’t want fresh-baked bread. Thankfully, there are bread machines which allow even the busiest of people to make fresh, homemade bread without having to be there for longer than it takes to put in the ingredients and hit the right setting.

There are different sizes and types of bread machines that vary in available features. Whatever machine you choose, your family will love coming home to the smell and taste of homemade bread. And being able to have homemade bread as often as you want, without a ton of expense or inconvenience, is a luxury that, thankfully, most of us can afford.

Things to consider when choosing a bread machine

Just like there are countless varieties of breads, so too are there a myriad of options in bread machines. These come in a range of sizes and offer different features and functions. This means that if you go out and simply start looking for a bread machine without first doing a little research, you might find yourself overwhelmed or end up with a machine that doesn’t do what you want it to. There are a few things to consider in advance as it makes the selection process much easier.

First of all, you will need to determine your budget. As we noted above, bread machines come in many shapes and sizes. Some of them are even suitable for more commercial use, which will far exceed the needs (and likely budget) of the home user. Some have more features than others and any extra “bells and whistles” are likely to add to the price tag of the machine. The price range on bread machines varies widely, so giving yourself numbers to work around will help you eliminate any options that are either out of your budget or don’t meet your needs.

You will want to determine what special features you want in a bread machine. Some allow you to actually set a timer that will start the bread machine at the set time. If you want fresh bread for breakfast, with many bread machines, you can add the ingredients before you go to bed, set a timer, and there will be fresh bread waiting for you in the morning.

You will want to decide what type of paddle you want for your machine or if you want one that will allow you to change paddles out for different kinds of breads or even pasta dough.

Noise is something else you will want to consider. Some really heavy-duty bread machines can actually be quite loud. This is why it helps to look for a bread machine that has a quiet operation as one of its features. Having fresh bread when you wake up is great, but waking up as soon as a loud bread machine starts to make said bread, is not.

It also helps to consider other features you want on your machine. Some machines have a wide range of programmable options, which gives you a lot of versatility with the set-and-forget bread options. You can also look for additional features like alarms that sound when the bread is done or when, say, fruit or nuts need to be added to the mix. Bread makers can also make specialty breads like gluten-free or high-protein breads, so if this is something that is important to you, you will want to make sure and find one that states it can make said bread.

Hamilton Beach Programmable Bread Machine, 2-Pound Bread Maker with Gluten-Free Settings

Hamilton Beach is a trusted maker of a variety of kitchen gadgets, such as coffeemakers, toasters, and even bread machines. Their Programmable Bread Machine is an excellent value, and allows you to bake a variety of breads, including gluten-free breads. The machine boasts 12 different settings that can make loaves of bread that are up to 2 pounds. You can even customize your settings so that if you prefer lighter or darker crust, you can have it exactly to your liking.

The machine features a non-stick pan, which makes for easy clean up. It is hard to beat easy-to-make homemade bread and a machine that is also easy to clean. There is a delay timer, which lets you add ingredients ahead of time and set the time you want it to start baking. If you want fresh bread with dinner, you can set your machine up before work and there will be a hot and ready loaf of homemade bread waiting for you after work.

This machine makes bread making as simple as can be. You simply have to add properly measured ingredients and then choose the setting for the type of bread you plan to bake. Whether you immediately start making the bread, or you set it to start at a later time, you simply need to choose what type of bread and when you want to bake it, and the machine takes care of the rest.


Fresh, warm, home-baked bread is something that is almost universally appealing. However, most of us do not have the hours it takes to knead, allow to rise, knead again, and so on. This doesn’t mean that fresh bread is out of our reach. Bread machines make it easy for even the busiest person to make fresh bread. Once you have determined your budget and what features you want to see on your bread maker, you can start the shopping process.

The Hamilton Beach model we briefly review here is an affordable all-purpose bread machine that has just enough extra functionality to make it suitable for the beginner or intermediate bread maker. Whether you decide to go with this model or use this as an informational guide, we are sure that you will love the smell and taste freshly baked bread brings to your home.