Costway 2LB 550W Automatic Electric Bread Maker Machine Programmable Home Kitchen Review

Costway 2LB 550W Automatic Electric Bread Maker Machine Programmable Home Kitchen Review

Imagine being able to enjoy the smell of bread every day. With the invention of the bread maker, this is no longer impossible because you can make bread in the comfort of your home. The bread maker has been a unique creation that has primarily helped more people gain access to making bread conveniently at home.

Pushing aside the initial investment that goes with the purchase of a bread maker, it can help to save money and food expenses in the long run.

By getting a Costway Automatic Electric Bread Maker, you can conveniently make nutritional and fresh bread for your family. The primary advantage of a bread maker is you can use your recipes to create different types of bread that you won’t usually find on the bakery stores shelves.

For health-conscious people, this appliance will help you to monitor the type of ingredients that go into your diet. With a bread maker, you have full control over the ingredients that you include in your bread.

If you ever crave for pizza or some good old pasta dough, this bread maker can get it done for you because it does not only make bread. Let’s have a closer look at the features of this bread maker that can benefit you and your family.


This white and sleek bread maker will make a great addition to your kitchen. The easy to read visual instructions available on the body of the bread maker makes it easy to use even for beginners. The body of this bread maker is made out of plastic and metal.

If you have ever wanted to explore the different types of bread that can be created with a bread maker, you can do that with this appliance. Choose from the 19 different pre-programmed settings that come together with this machine.

It can withstand up to 1 kg of bread.  The LCD of this bread maker makes it simple to use, but different trial and errors are required when you are first using this bread maker. This is also a fully automated bread maker which means that you only have to build in the ingredients into the bread maker.

Leave all the other task of mixing, kneading or arising the dough to the bread maker. With this simple bread maker, you can easily make bread at home without breaking a sweat.

If you are a meticulous person, you will find that the large viewing window that this appliance provides will ease your mind. It is simple for you to oversee the process of baking with this window. The body of this bread maker is also cold to touch because it is plastic.

Safety is also one of the main features of this bread maker because it automatically powers off once the bread has finished baking. It also has a non-slip feature which prevents it from sliding off your kitchen counter.


  • 19 pre-programmed settings
  • Automatic mixing, kneading and rising of dough
  • Viewing window for supervision during baking
  • Clear LCD
  • Can bake up to 1kg of bread
  • Flexibility to choose crust colors
  • Powers off automatically
  • Non-slip protection
  • 15-hour delay timer


  • Recipes included in the manual may be incomplete
  • Instruction manual is confusing
  • Basic functionalities
  • Needs trial and error to get it right


Overall, the Costway automatic bread maker can provide a variety of different bread that you can bake. With over 19 preprogrammed settings that you can select from, you are spoilt for choices when it comes to your selection of bread.

As this is a fully automatic bread maker, little work is needed to make bread except for putting in the ingredients into the bread maker. Everything else can be left to the machine itself.

With the 15-hour delay timer, you can easily do your other task and count on your bread maker to give you fresh bread at a specified time. This bread maker can also create a lot of bread with over 1 kg capacity that it has. Safety is also the main feature of this bread maker as it can power off automatically, and has non-slip protection.

As it is with many other bread makers, one of the major flaws of this bread maker is the incomplete instruction manual. With a little bit of Internet research, you can easily find out how to work this bread maker.


A comparable version of bread maker to the Costway Automatic is the Sunbeam 5891 2-Pound Programmable Bread maker. The Sunbeam 5891 can bake up to 2 pound of bread, and it has 12 pre-programmed settings that come with it. Similar to the Costway model, it also has an LCD and comes together with a manual equipped with recipes. It is user-friendly and has a 13-hour delay timer.

Although the models are quite similar, the Costway Automatic has over 19 preprogrammed settings that you can explore. It also has a 15-hour delay timer compared to the 13 hours offered by the Sunbeam model. The Costway Automatic bread maker is proven to provide more versatility and value for money features.


The bread maker is an excellent addition to many people’s lives because it has transformed the way that we see and consume bread. More people can have access to highly nutritional bread for themselves and their family. With the Costway 2LB 500W Automatic Electric Bread Maker, you can explore different types of bread that you can have.

With the various kinds of bread recipes that you can obtain online, you can easily make different types of bread using this bread maker.

Choose from the 19 pre-programmed settings that this appliance offers when it comes to making bread. If you ever feel like you want to wake up to fresh bread, all you have to do is use the 15-hour delay timer.

The 1 kg capacity that this bread maker has also gives you a lot of room to experiment with different types of bread. The use of this bread maker is also simple with the LCD and safety features such as non-slip and the automatic power off protection.