Gourmia GBM3100: The Perfect Equipment To Make Freshly Baked Bread Review

Gourmia GBM3100 The Perfect Equipment To Make Freshly Baked Bread Review

An electric bread maker makes baking homemade bread a lot easier and convenient and in most cases, you spend less than you would spend when buying supermarket bread.

With a bread maker, you get to decide what you want for your loaf and what you want it to taste and smell like. You can wake up in the morning have a freshly baked bread with your home smelling nice and amazing.

You should, however, be aware that not all bread makers you can count on for delicious tasty loaves of bread. Some bread makers produce loaves with hard, knobby crusts as well as a dense heavy texture.

Before buying electric bread maker there are certain things to look out for. These include:

Kneading blades

A non-stick bread barrel and kneading blade to bake your loaf are common to all bread makers. The kneading blade stays in the bread while baking consequently leaving small holes in the bread. In some bread makers, however, the kneading blade sticks to the bread, leaving a larger and more dreadful hole in the bread as a result.

For a better homemade bread, make sure the kneading blade is non-stick and, if you can’t stand the sight of a hole in your bread even though it won’t totally give you the result, a bread maker with collapsible kneading blade is a perfect choice for you.

Don’t forget to look for a bread maker with at least four starts rating for the kneading blade.

Viewing Window and Adjustable Crust Control

So you can watch your bread every step of the way as it bakes, consider a bread maker with a viewing window if you are an inquisitive baker.

It’s worth going for a bread maker that gives a notification sound when your bread is done or there is a need for you to add more ingredients, this feature will help notify you to do the needful every step of the way to get your expected end result of a tasteful nice smelling bread.

Control crust differs from model to model so it is important to go for one that is easy to read and understand such that programming it would not become hard work.

Also, put into consideration the ease of use and cleaning.


Baking accessories such as measuring cups are important so you get the exact required measurements for a good bake. Most bread makers often come with these.

It is therefore not worth buying if your bread maker does not come with baking accessories.

Gluten-free or Wheat-free Bread Setting Option

So that you can make gluten-free bread using special recipes provided or some other special recipes for wheat-free bread, several bread makers come with gluten-free settings, so consider this feature, especially if you have certain dietary requirements.

Extra Features

Such that you can knead pasta and regular dough or turn fruits and other raw ingredients into jam, using a bake-only setting to bake already mixed ingredients into a cake, it is important to consider a bread maker with this extra feature.

The Review

Are you in search for a perfect electric bread maker for your home? If yes, look no further because you can make your kitchen have the feel of a bakery with the Gourmia’s electric bread maker.

You can easily and readily get freshly baked bread by you using this product. Numerous treats such as and not limited to rye bread, vanilla pound cake, rustic French loaf, gluten-free bread, pizza dough and so on.


To transform your cooking style, this awesome innovative bread maker is fortified with amazing features listed below.

  • PP housing with a glass viewing window
  • Double kneading blade
  • Cool touch housing
  • 0LB, 2.5LB or 3.0LB capacity
  • Light, medium and dark adjustable crust control
  • LCD display with 15 digital programs
  • Non-stick bread barrel and kneading blade
  • Programmable delay timer up to 15 hours
  • One-hour keep warm option
  • 900W
  • ETL-listed


  • It has light, medium and dark adjustable crust control.
  • The bread barrel and the kneading blade does not stick.
  • It is endowed with LCD display with 15 digital programs.
  • The product is ETL certified.


  • The product does not include enough recipes.


With Gourmia’s bread maker which comes with excellent features that give you an expected end result of delicious homemade bread and at the same time making you be creative in the kitchen like a bakery.

A powerful wattage that gets the work done is endowed in this bread maker and for convenient cleaning and maintenance, this product is non-stick in the essential parts.

The bread practically makes itself with programmable features as well as simple LCD display that allow you to get your bread done on time. This bread maker boasts of 15 programmable functions.

Inside this product, the package includes a recipe book that gives you a head start to be a master baker of your home. In this recipe book, you will find mouthwatering recipes that sure would impress you.

As a result of the versatility of this product combined with a user guide to get you acclimated quickly and readily with the bread maker even if you are new to an electric bread maker.

Founders of Gourmia GBM3100 – 3 LB Electric Bread Maker are so much concerned with customer satisfaction thereby aim to provide reliable, easy-to-use tools to make your kitchen an exciting place to be.

This product gives a great and worthy value for its price as well as higher innovative standard and performance that help make day-to-day cooking easy, healthy and delicious.


The Gourmia GBM3100 3LB electric bread maker is recommended over other models of electric bread makers because of the following reasons:

  • 15 Programmable Digital Settings: This innovative bread machine allows you to customize your cooking experience to create different types of bread, pasta, cakes, and a whole lot more with the 15 programmable digital settings.
  • Adjustable Controls: So you can get your desired result, the adjustable crust control help you to bake your bread to your particular taste.
  • Timer: In a way that the bread literally bakes itself, this bread maker has a timer you can program to set your bread to bake timely.
  • Cookbook: A bonus cookbook which provides a simple procedure to baking your cake conveniently using the Gournia GBM3100 3LB electric bread maker.