Gourmia GBM3400 Electric Flatbread, Pita and Tortilla Maker: A Detailed 2017 Review

Gourmia GBM3400 Electric Flatbread, Pita and Tortilla Maker A Detailed 2017 Review

Tortillas, pitas, and flatbreads are food items that most people love to eat. That is because they can be matched with any type of dishes. Likewise, they can also serve as the sole carbohydrate source of individuals eating such. Although the above-mentioned types of bread are very delicious and can be eaten in so many ways, the preparation in order to achieve their perfect consistency, crispness, and color is very tedious and time-consuming. That is because it involves dough rolling, pressing, and baking.

The good thing nowadays is that there are already available electric flatbread, pita, and tortilla makers that can help people cook such things in a more convenient, fast, and modern manner.

Generally speaking, electrical bread makers are the so-called “upgraded” versions of the traditionally-used, cast-iron-made tortilla pressers. One of the electrical bread makers that can be found on the market today is the Gourmia GBM3400 Electric Flatbread, Pita and Tortilla Maker. It is a product that has been developed by a kitchen appliance manufacturing company that is pioneered by experienced individuals. Looking closely into the above-mentioned product, the following details have been learned:


  • Exterior body is made of a plastic material.
  • Size dimension is at 15 x 13 x 7.5 inches or a total diameter of 13 inches.
  • Weighs 7.8 pounds or 3.55 kilograms
  • Electrical voltage is at 120 volts and 1,800 watts.
  • Adjustable thermal controls or thermostats
  • Equipped with two heating elements.
  • Non-stick, 12-inch, Arabic bread-making plate
  • Non-stick, three-millimeter diecast baking pan
  • CoolTouch Handle
  • Fuse protector
  • Dome-shaped, vented top lids
  • ETL-listed or -tested


  • The appliance can be used in making a variety of food such as tortilla, flatbread, pita, laffa, naan, focaccia, crepe, thin pizza dough, and omelet.
  • The prepared meals or food are golden in color and crispy because of the vented lids and the dual thermostats.
  • The cooking time is shortened owing to the two heating elements present.
  • The temperature dials are easy to operate and control.
  • The lid is easy to open and close.
  • Easy to clean and maintain because of the non-stick base.
  • The presence of a fuse protector and the certification from ETL make the product safe to use.
  • Comes with a handy cookbook that has detailed and easy-to-follow recipes.
  • Has a user manual that is very easy to understand and follow.


  • Users should keenly monitor the cooking process and time since the product does not have a timer and an auto-off power function.
  • Can only be operated or used in indoor kitchens.
  • Only wooden and plastic utensils can be used.

How It Works:

The Gourmia GBM3400 Electric Flatbread, Pita and Tortilla Maker is a small, lightweight, and smooth product making it easy to carry and store. It is a very versatile kitchen arsenal because it is equipped with a baking pan that is large enough to produce thin pieces of bread that have a maximum size of 12 inches.

The adjustable and easy-to-turn thermostat that is located at the base of the product makes it possible for users to choose a temperature range as high as 464 degrees Fahrenheit. With such in regard, the right temperature for each type of food that will be cooked can be selected and used. Since the product has lid vents, the thin bread being cooked is not totally enclosed.

Thus, the vapor or steam is not trapped with the food inside the appliance. Such feature will ensure that the right amount of heat is still present inside. Through such mechanisms and features, the thin bread being cooked will finish up with a crispy and golden brown exterior.

In addition, the product also heats or warms up in a fast and even manner. In fact, the pre-heating time only takes a maximum of 10 minutes. Such is because the two heating elements are separately placed above and below the product. Specifically, one is located inside the vented dome lid and the other at the product’s base. Having a non-stick plate, base, and pan, the product can be washed using only water or an absorbent paper or cloth. If the user prefers, a little amount of dishwashing soap can also be used.

However, in order to preserve the product’s non-stick capability, no metal, stainless steel, and hard objects should be used. When it comes to safety or electrical hazards, the manufacturer had the handy, home kitchen appliance tested, marked, and listed by the ETL. It also made sure that the product has a fuse protector to prevent the occurrence of excess current flow.

A Useful Comparison:

The CucinaPro Flatbread and Tortilla Maker is a kitchen appliance that shares some similar features with the Gourmia GBM3400 Electric Flatbread, Pita and Tortilla Maker. It can also be stored conveniently not just because of its small size, but also because it has an upright and stable position. It is also multifunctional because users can also make pastries out of it. Likewise, it is also capable of producing baked goods that are cooked evenly. That is because the product’s plate is made with aluminum materials. Thus, heat is distributed in a uniform manner.

The plate can also be easily cleaned with just the use of water and/or paper towel because it is non-stick. However, the CucinaPro Flatbread and Tortilla Maker can only be used in making thin pieces of bread that have a maximum size of ten inches. Additionally, when the product is used for the first time, it produces a burnt smell that requires the user to throw away the first two tortillas, pitas, or flatbreads that has been made.

Final Words:

Preparing quesadillas, sandwich wraps, thin-crust pizzas, shawarmas, and other dishes that require thin pieces of bread is never an easy task, especially if done manually. Nevertheless, individuals and families can save tons of money when they opt to prepare such at home.

Thus, a multifunctional, easy-to-use, safe, and fast electrical bread maker like the Gourmia GBM3400 Electric Flatbread, Pita and Tortilla Maker is a must. Not only will the family members enjoy delicious and affordable loaves of bread, but they will also be able to eat fresh-from-the-oven bread.

Furthermore, they are also assured that all the ingredients used are safe and clean unlike when buying commercially-prepared loaves of bread.