How to Find the Best Bread Toaster

How to Find the Best Bread Toaster

The sense of taste is one of the dominant senses in all the living things. Humans, being a superior creature, want to enjoy each morsel of food to satisfy their sense of taste.  Nowadays, most of us like to eat processed foods because these are richer in taste. Bread Toaster is also a scientific invention which has become the part and parcel of every home.

There are different kinds of bread toasters available all across the world. The bread toasters made by different companies have various features. Different factors should be kept in mind while buying the best bread toaster. The detailed features and pros and cons of some world top bread toasters are given here. Reading this article will surely make your decision easy.

1-Cuisinart CPT-180

This is one of the top-selling bread toasters because of its beautiful stainless steel body. The whole body is polished with chrome and black accents giving it a shiny outlook. This bread toaster has dual control panels to toast bread at different temperatures.

These dual control panels are also useful for toasting bread according to your choice. There is a browning control button to toast bread until it becomes brown. Most of the people prefer to buy a four slice model.

However, the company has also offered a two slice model too. The overall design of the toaster is sleek. The extra lift carriage control lever makes it the best bread toaster. This extra carriage lever helps to remove the toasted bread easily.

The toaster also has defrost and reheat buttons to facilitate the user. Following are the pros and cons of this bread toaster.


  • The stainless steel body makes it long lasting.
  • Slots for toasting four pieces of bread at a time save the users precious time.
  • The dual panel controls help to toast the bread in any color shade of your choice.
  • There are separate defrost and reheat buttons that do not work as toast button.
  • The design is very sleek with an out class shiny outlook.
  • The toaster also has LED lights for indicating the processes going on.
  • Cuisinart bread toaster has a cancel button which helps to cancel any ongoing project.
  • Due to its stainless steel body, the toaster is BPA free.
  • There is also a three years warranty by the company on buying this toaster.
  • North American Electrical standards are used during the manufacturing of the toaster.


  • There is no beep to alert the users on the completion of toasting process.
  • The design is still very poor making it a large size gadget.
  • There are many instances where bagel button is found bogus because it toasts both sides evenly.


This bread toaster is also made of stainless steel brushed with chrome to give it an elegant look. It has two extra large slots to toast two pieces of bread of rather larger size. The lever in this toaster is also high which is useful in removing smaller slices of bread or any other toasted item.

There are also 6 levels browning control which helps the user to toast the bread in different shades. This bread toaster also has toasting, defrosting, reheating, canceling, and bagel functions. Another peculiar feature of this bread toaster is that all the buttons are accompanied with LED lights which look quite beautiful while working. Following are some of its pros and cons.


  • This bread toaster is a lot cheaper and easily available.
  • It is equipped with 6 level browning controls.
  • The durability of the bread toaster cannot be denied because of stainless steel.
  • The slots are quite large and we can place even large slices in these.
  • It also comes with two years of warranty.
  • LED indicators are useful to show its operations.
  • Lift lever is higher which makes it easy to remove the smaller slices easily.


  • It changes the color of the bread but does not toast it to the desired level.
  • The bagel function in this toaster also does not seem to work properly in most cases.
  • It often toasts unevenly and there is a difference in toasting level in the center and around the sides.
  • It is very large, weighty, and flimsy.
  • It does not support dark toast.


This is another top-rated toaster with two wide slots. The slots are large enough to place large slices in it. There are also dual auto-adjusting bread guides that are useful for even toasting.

It has the features of toast, bagel, warm, frozen, and cancel. The crumb tray in this toaster is easily removable which makes it easy to clean. You can toast bread in this toaster up to seven levels of shades. It is quite compact in size and efficient in electricity consumption. Following are the pros and cons of this toaster.


  • It is very cheap and easily affordable.
  • This toaster provides seven levels of toasting and, thus, satisfies the taste of everyone.
  • The removable crumb tray makes it easy to clean and care.
  • The slots are also extra large and we can place even extra large slices in it.
  • The auto-adjust function of the toaster helps to toast the bread evenly.
  • Oster TSSTTRJBG1 is also available in a variety of colors.


  • Being a power efficient toaster, the toasting speed is very low.
  • LED screen is missing which could have made it cooler.
  • Not suitable for a large family or for a large group of people.

Reading all this, we can easily jump to the conclusion that Cuisinart’s CPT-180 is the best bread toaster. This is because it comes with four slots making it easy to support a large family. The material used in its making is also of high-quality standards. The outer chrome sprayed stainless steel gives it a charming look. Also, it is also good for providing different levels of toasting in various shades to satisfy everyone’s taste.