Is A Bread Maker Worth It?

Is A Bread Maker Worth It

When making the decision to purchase a bread maker, there are many things to consider. Making your own bread with a bread maker can appeal to foodies who love to cook and prepare things from scratch, but it can also be of importance to families on the go who have limited time to prepare home-cooked meals. Your lifestyle and budget are also other things to consider.

Ease of use

Fresh-baked bread used to be a rather involved process. With the dawn of electric kitchen appliances-and bread makers in particular-this is no longer the case. The simplicity with which you can now prepare a fresh loaf of bread is something our grandmothers might marvel at. Most bread machines are extremely user friendly and simple to use. You merely add the ingredients to the machine, press a few buttons-and in a few hours, you have a freshly baked loaf of bread.

Time Saver

The old-fashioned way of making bread (without a machine) is rather time-consuming. You must mix the ingredients, knead by hand for several minutes and then wait for the bread to rise-sometimes more than once, depending on the type of bread you’re making. Most bread machines nowadays come with timers, so you can add the ingredients and set the timer so that the bread is ready when you need it.


A bread maker will also give you more control over what your family is eating. This can be important to some who have allergies, or who simply want to cut down on preservatives in their diet. Store bought bread can contain unnecessary additives that a lot of people don’t want to consume. It can also allow you to experiment and make unusual breads you can’t find in a store.

Very little mess

Baking can be a joyous activity-the fresh smell that wafts throughout the house, a family activity that everyone can enjoy, eating something fresh and hot right out of the oven. But when it comes to cleaning up-that’s what turns a lot of people off from baking. With a bread maker, there is virtually no mess to clean up. Everything goes right inside and it’s mixed and baked all in the same receptacle. Additionally, your hands are clean even after you have made the bread, isn’t that handy?

Makes much more than bread

Bread machines are also a great way to make dough. If you’re a pizza lover, this can be an appealing aspect of owning a bread machine.

What a lot of people don’t think about is the variety of other dishes you can make in a bread machine. In addition to the usual baked goods-breads, bagels, cakes and pretzels-your bread maker can also concoct just about anything you would make in your oven or slow-cooker. Soups, sauces, stews and jams are all easily prepared in such a machine. Casseroles are another option-meatloaf, macaroni and cheese and marinara sauce with meatballs are all delicious, hearty meals that can be prepared with little effort in a bread maker.

Save money

With the cost of groceries going nowhere but up, making your own bread is a cost-saving measure. Some loaves of bread can cost as much as $5.00 a loaf, depending on where you shop, so buying ingredients in bulk and preparing it at home yourself can save money.

Another money-saving idea is to cook your dinner in the bread machine instead of the oven. You can cook numerous delicious dishes in a bread maker and use much less energy than if you were to turn on your oven. While the initial cost of the bread machine is definitely an investment, in can pay off in the long run.

Quality and Taste

The quality and taste of freshly baked homemade bread is unparalleled. It far exceeds anything you can buy at your local supermarket. The amount of time it takes to prepare your own bread in a bread machine is minimal and the superior freshness and flavor are well worth it.

Extra oven

Sometimes the oven in your house is just not sufficient. Thanksgiving is a good example of when one might need an extra cooking appliance. While the turkey traditionally takes up most of the oven’s real estate, there are usually other dishes that need to be cooked in the oven as well. A bread maker can come in extremely handy in this situation. From stuffing to cranberry sauce to dessert, a good bread machine can handle it all so that all your dishes can be prepared and ready to serve at the same time.

Low heat

Sometimes you just don’t feel like cooking. Especially in the summer when temperatures hit their peak, turning on the oven is one of the last things you want to do. What’s great about a bread maker is that it can cook just about anything you’d cook in an oven without heating up the house.

College students

For those that don’t have access to a full-size kitchen or an oven, a bread machine can be a saving grace. Small enough to have in a dorm room but powerful enough to cook any number of breakfasts, lunches and dinners, a bread maker can be a perfect choice for this type of situation.

Storage Space

Most bread makers are fairly large as kitchen appliances go, so you will need a place to store it. If you’re short on space in your kitchen, this could be a challenge.

Whether you are a professional chef, a die-hard foodie who loves to have the latest kitchen gadgets,a dorm-dwelling college student or a busy parent with limited time to prepare healthful meals for your family, a bread maker can be a good option. The benefits of owning a bread machine far outweigh the minimal drawbacks. If you can do a proper research, and have some money to spare, the bread maker is one of the most essential tools you will need in your kitchen. Just make sure to do your research and find the one that fits your needs and budget.