The Sanyo Gopan Bread Maker: Versatility At Its Best

The Sanyo Gopan Bread Maker Versatility At Its Best

The Sanyo GOPAN Bread Maker not only makes gluten-free bread, butit does so with grains of rice. You read that correctly. This bread machine has the ability to take grains of rice and turn them into fresh bread-without the gluten. Instead of having to use rice flour, the Sanyo GOPAN has a built-in milling system with the ability to make the rice flour for you-all you need to do is add the rice.

Developed in Japan to encourage rice consumption in a different way, this bread maker is now widely available. A premium rice bread maker, it is a great option for people with Celiac Disease, for those looking to cut gluten out of their diet or for someone who likes variety and wants to try a different kind of bread.

The genius behind the Sanyo GOPAN bread makeris the addition of a high-speed cutting blade (in addition to the standard dough hook) that takes whole grains of rice and mills them into a finegrain flour. The machine hasan extra compartment that is built right into the lid which holds the rest of the ingredients and adds them to the mixture once the correct consistency of the rice flour has been achieved.

In addition to making gluten-free bread, the Sanyo GOPAN can also make over 20 other kinds of traditional breads and doughs, so whether you’re gluten-sensitive or a gluten lover, you can satisfy all your bread cravings with this machine.


The Sanyo GOPAN Bread Maker is a high-tech kitchen appliance. Some of the features include:

  • Ability to make gluten-free bread
  • A built-in milling system to turn your rice into flour
  • Can make traditional breads and pizza crust with wheat and other grains
  • Equipped with a 13-hour delay timer for fresh bread whenever you like
  • Three different crust color options: light, medium and dark
  • A large viewing window so you can watch your bread form
  • Two colors to choose from: red or white


The biggest pro of the Sanyo GOPAN is the ability to make gluten-free bread. With so many people cutting out gluten nowadays, rice bread is a perfect option. Grains of rice are milled into rice flour right in the machine, so making gluten-free bread is a snap. Just add your rice and other ingredients and let the machine do its work.

Versatility is one of the highlights of this bread maker that most people will enjoy. In addition to making gluten-free varieties, this machine can also make more traditional-style breads and doughs, which may be important if not everyone in your family is gluten-free. There are a variety of other foods that can be made in this machine in addition to breads and doughs, including things like soups, stews and meatloaf.

A 13-hour delay timer is a great feature of the Sanyo GOPAN. The ability to prepare the ingredients ahead of time and set the timer for when you want a fresh loaf of bread is very appealing.


Since this machine is made in Japan, the instructions that come with the product are only printed in that language. This could be a potential problem for those consumers who don’t speak or read Japanese.

The Sanyo GOPAN is only made in 100v, which is not compatible with outlets in all countries. For use in the U.S. (220v), you will need to purchase a step down transformer in order to use it.

The length of time it can take to make a loaf of gluten-free bread is about four hours.


The first bread-maker of its kind to be able to make bread from grains of rice, the Sanyo GOPAN is a revolutionary idea. It has a built-in mechanism that will mill grains of rice into flour, and in turn, use that flour to make bread without wheat. In addition to the ability to make gluten-free bread, this unique machine can also be used for a variety of other foods, including traditional breadsand doughs, making it a quite useful kitchen appliance. Furnished with a timer that can delay the making of your bread for up to 13 hours, the Sanyo GOPAN is ideal for having a fresh loaf of bread on hand any time you want.

As with most bread makers, you have the ability to choose your crust color: light, medium or dark. There is also a large window so you can peek at your bread baking without having to open the lid and disturb the cooking process.  There are also two colors to choose from so you can color-coordinate with the rest of your kitchen.


A similar bread maker is the Zojirushi BB-PAC20 Home Bakery Virtuoso Breadmaker. Although this machine has a gluten-free setting, it cannot turn grains of rice into bread like the Sanyo GOPAN. The Zojirushi also has a quick baking cycle option that can prepare a loaf of bread in two hours, which is considerably quicker than the Sanyo GOPAN. One challenge the Sanyo GOPAN faces is that its control panel and instructions are in Japanese, unlike the Zojirushi, which has English controls.


If you’re just looking for something small and simple to make a traditional loaf or two once in a while, this might not be the bread maker for you. However, the old adage about getting what you pay for is definitely true in this case. Smaller, inexpensive models will not give you as many options and features as the Sanyo GOPAN.

This is a top-of-the-line kitchen appliance. With the ability to turn rice grains into gluten-free bread, it’s a must for those who wish to cut gluten out of their diet while still enjoying fresh-baked bread. With the ability to cook a variety of other foods in this machine-from doughnuts and bagels to soups and meatloaf, this is a great piece of equipment for the foodie or amateur chef.