What is a Bread Machine?

What is a Bread Machine

There is nothing more satisfying than the smell of a freshly-baked bread especially to a baker. When it comes to baking, other people shake their head thinking they’d rather eat bread than making it. They think baking is only for the artisan bakers, for people who knows flour and measurements, right?

Modern science and technology have invented several machines that have proven capable in providing paramount conveniences. Bicycles, light bulbs, calculators, and computers are all product of intelligent innovation. Now, another machine has been invented that gives joy to baker wannabes – the bread machine.

If you think baking is difficult, well, think again. That common misconception has been proven wrong especially with the advent and invention of bread machine into the bread making world.

What is a Bread Machine?

A bread machine is a compact kitchen appliance with a non-stick bread pan with kneading paddles installed. The bread machine has intuitive controls on the outside that allows you to select the color of crust you want your bread to have, the kind of bread you want according to your ingredients, and the size you want.

People who have zero to average experience in baking will surely find this machine very useful. Those who have busy schedules at work but would love to bake bread will find using a bread machine very convenient. Also, those who do not have an oven (or even those who have but prefer not using it), can use bread machine as an alternative.

How to Use Bread Machine?

Using bread machine is a piece of cake (forget about the pun.) Bread machines have very easy maneuverability. Here’s how to bake a bread using a bread machine:

1. Place the ingredients in the baking pan. Most bread machines provide recipe booklets that you can start with. If none, you can buy books about baking as your personal reference. Remember to add the ingredients in the proper order.

2. Choose your preferred cycle for the bread.

3. Select the size of your bread (according to the volume of ingredients you have on the bread pan.)

4. Change the timer setting respectively and click start. Sit back and wait for the beep sound.

Few tips: Remember to know your machine very well. If necessary, study the controls. While baking, you can check the color of the bread or check if the dough is rising well. The controls may differ according to the brand and model of the bread machine.


  • Bread machines are easy to use and very operational.
  • Compact in size – perfect for small spaces in countertops
  • It can be used by bakers – amateur or professional
  • Baking pan is non-stick and easy to clean
  • The machine has intuitive controls
  • More affordable than convection ovens and oven toasters
  • User-friendly with ergonomic design


  • Baked bread can leave residues on the machine (such as crusts on the opening or on the sides).
  • Bread will always come with holes beneath (this is because of the knead paddles on the baking pan.)
  • Your loaf would have round edges (the design of baking pan in the bread machine is rounded; this is specifically designed so no flour will be left in the kneading process). Rounded loaves of bread with holes beneath is totally not a good bread to sell in stores.

Bread Machines Can Do More

Bread machines can process not just bread but also other off-the-rack recipes such as Pasta Bake, Cheesecakes, Chocolate Pudding Cake, Monkey Bread, or Zucchini Dip just by removing the kneading paddles and selecting the right cycle. You can check more recipes that can be done on bread machines on this site.


In this modern day of technology, there is almost nothing impossible to do. People who have little to no knowledge in baking can now bake, thanks to bread machines. With just a few simple taps, you can have your freshly-baked bread. The bread maker may not be able to give you the perfect-looking bread you’re craving for, but it sure does give you loads of knowledge in baking which you can improve on soon in a big oven.